Ontario ACORN members rally to save ODSP/OW


Posted August 10, 2018

Yesterday, Ontario ACORN members rallied in Toronto, Hamilton and Ottawa to oppose the government’s plan to slash a planned OW and ODSP increase from 3 per cent to 1.5 per cent. The 3 per cent increase to OW and ODSP, due to take effect in the fall, had been passed by in the previous government’s budget and around 950,000 Ontarians were relying on the small increase to stay afloat. A 1.5 per cent increase - less than the rate of inflation - is severely inadequate and will cause serious detriment to some of our most vulnerable community members. ACORN members urge the government to put an immediate stop to these cuts. Read about our actions in each city below and send an email asking your MPP to speak out against the cuts here.


Sixty ACORN members and allies rallied outside the ODSP office. The group succeeded in getting the manager of the office to come down from his office and meet ACORN leaders, who handed over a letter calling for an end to the cuts.


Around 40 people marched to the Minister of Social Services, but were immediately locked out. ACORN members gave speeches in front of police and successfully negotiated to have two leaders enter the building to deliver a letter. Leaders Carla Scott and Kelly Lalande delivered the letter and then came out to give interviews to the waiting press, along with other ACORN members.


Over 110 ACORN members and allies rallied outside the OW and ODSP office. A leadership team of ACORN members went on to Minister of Children, Community and Social Services, Lisa Macleod’s Nepean constituency office. Leaders Kat Fortin and Andrea Terry delivered a letter calling for the Minister to stop the cuts, and gave a heartfelt speech to staff about the impact of the cuts on low-income community members.


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