Ontario ACORN Members Fought Back on Provincial Day of Action

Posted July 12, 2019

Yesterday ACORN members from all over Ontario took action to fight back against provincial government cuts to education, social assistance, and housing - and more!

Eleven Toronto ACORN members came to downtown Toronto to deliver a report card with a failing grade to the Ministry of Education. The action was led by Josie Weir, a new member from East York, who put everything she learned at the National Convention to the test on the streets of Toronto! Today, we marched into the Ministry of Education to deliver a demand letter regarding our demands to reverse the cuts on education and for the Minister to meet with ACORN. Toronto ACORN members petitioned, handed out fliers, and did great outreach as they made their way through the Downtown Core. The new Minister of Education, Stephen Lecce, has three years to do his homework in order to improve his grade! 
Peel ACORN members had a rally in front of Conservative MPP Deepak Anand’s constituency office in response to the drastic cuts to education. Peel ACORN Co-Chair, Virginia Vaithilingam, spoke to an OMNI News representative about how these cuts will impact low-to-moderate income families. At the office, members were warned that they were on private property and the MPP was at a different event. When Nabeela Irfan remarked how unnerving it was for a public official to be this inaccessible to the public, Peel ACORN members stood their ground and eventually the MPP came to the office --- finally agreeing to a meeting. Members made it clear that it is low income communities who always bear the burden of government cuts. The MPP said that ACORN’s concerns will be brought to the attention of the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities. Overall, Peel ACORN members made it clear that they will continue to fight for justice! 
Fifty Ottawa ACORN members and labour allies rallied outside of the local Ottawa ODSP office today. The theme of the rally was "ODSP on Life Support", defending the current definition of a disability here in Ontario. MPP for Ottawa-Centre, Joel Harden, was in attendance and spoke out in solidarity with ACORN members as the Official Opposition Critic for Seniors; Accessibility and Persons with Disabilities and Pensions. ACORN members handed out flyers asking passersby to call their local MPPs. We closed the night chanting that if Ford's government tightened the definition of disabled anymore, you'd have to be "knocking on death's door before you'll get a cent from Doug Ford!" 
25+ Hamilton ACORN members marched through downtown Hamilton to demand the Province consult with ACORN and bring back strong inclusionary zoning! ACORN fought and won strong inclusionary zoning legislation last year. Now the Ford government has voted to weaken our win with the passing of Bill 108.  ACORN members made stops at the offices of two local developers that lobbied the government in support of Bill 108. Inside the offices of DMS Management and Rosehaven Homes, ACORN members called out the need for affordable housing and for Ford to give inclusionary zoning powers back to the city. 
Ontario ACORN members are committed to continue to fight for change in the province!

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