Ontario ACORN members Fight to KILL the Eviction Bill 184

Posted on June 29, 2020

As Doug Ford is rushing to bring in Bill 184 named “Protecting Tenants and Strengthening Community Housing Act” which does the exact opposite, ACORN members across Ontario did eveything from sending petitions to rallying, flyering, virtual delegations and much more to Kill the Bill. The Bill clearly protects developers’ profits while deeply compromising tenants’ rights who are already under significant stress due to COVID-19.

Out of a total of 60 people who did deputations during the hearings last week, 12 were ACORN members.

Here's a brief account of our actions to stop Bill 184:

In Hamilton, 30 ACORN members protested on the street, 4 members did virtual delegations and 4 members submitted written statements against Bill 184 this week! East end ACORN leaders Dayna Sparkes and Elizabeth Ellis, downtown Chair Mike Wood and Mountain secretary / treasurer Rebecca Crizzo - all did virtual delegations for hearings on Bill 184. Members spoke up about the dangers of the Bill for tenants and the urgent need for the government to focus on vacancy control, eviction prevention and rent break. Members also held a protest in front of the Landlord and Tenant Board to bring attention to the Bill in downtown Hamilton. 

Ottawa ACORN members rallied at the Human Rights Monument downtown Ottawa to gather support for their petition to kill Bill 184! Led by a super duo of leaders, Mavis Finnamore and Grace Iyobosa, members hit the busy intersections in pairs and spoke to passerbys about Doug Ford's eviction bill. Outraged by the fact that a Premier who claims to be "for the people" could table legislation that would fast track evictions for out of work tenants during a pandemic, members were able to collect close to 40 signatures in just 45 mins!   

In Toronto, ACORN Members rallied outside the Landlord Tenant Board at 15 Grovesnor as hearings began on 'Ford's Eviction Bill 184', Wednesday June 24th. Led by Alejandra Ruiz Vargas, members handed out fliers then marched to Queen's Park. We tried to deliver the hundreds of petition signatures to ACORN's 'Stop Bill 184' campaign as well as a letter from ACORN Canada President Marva Burnett, but were not allowed to by security. Instead, members chanted and read the letter aloud outside the commons.

To see the written submission made by ACORN to the Standing Committee on Social Policy, click here

We need REAL Tenant Protections and NOT an EVICTION Bill 184.


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