Ontario ACORN Members Deliver Budget FOR The People!

Posted April 12, 2019

ACORN members across Ontario held actions today to fight back against the provincial budget's cuts! Here are the highlights:




Early this morning ACORN in solidarity with Hamilton & District Labour Council gathered outside the Scottish Rite in downtown Hamilton to protest the deep cuts that came out of the Ford Government's Provincial Budget yesterday.
Inside the Scottish Rite, the Hamilton Chamber of Commerce, Conservative politicians, landlords, gentrifers, Hamilton City Councillors & the Mayor were having breakfast with MPP Peter Bethlenfalvy, President of the Treasury Board.
On the outside, around 40 ACORN members, Labour, teachers, and health care advocates gave speeches and chanted about the cuts to social assistance, wages, education, housing and the healthcare system. 
Today's rally made one thing very clear, Ford's budget isn't for OUR people and ACORN will continue to fight for low to moderate incomes families to have a voice. 


18 ACORN members assembled outside the Ministry of Finance's Queen Park office midday Friday in response to the provincial government's recently proposed budget. The proposed budget would make it even more difficult for struggling Ontarians to access essential services, so ACORN members organized a rally to present the minister of finance with a budget for the people, by the people.
The march was led by Ebony Menzies, who brought more than enough energy for everyone attending, and Kelly LaLande, who spoke with Global News. 
Later, when the Minister refused to speak with ACORN members, Kelly LaLande and Bob Murphy personally delivered ACORN's letter of demands to an official of the provincial government. The event marked another showing of ACORN's passionate membership and their willingness to persevere in their fight against injustice.


In response to the Ford governments' budget announcement yesterday, 29 ACORN members were joined by union allies at the office of Ottawa's local PC MPP Jeremy Roberts. ACORN members were outraged that while alcohol was mentioned over 40 times, poverty was not mentioned once. Instead, this government decided to ignore our members' daily reality and deepen their struggle with cuts to social assistance, housing, education, healthcare and more. 
ACORN Leader, Blaine Cameron, led the crowd to deliver a letter to his office demanding a meeting with the Finance Minister. Roberts couldn't even face his own constituency and refused to open the door. But members made our message clear with chants and by taping the letter to his office door. This government is NOT for the people. 




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