Ontario ACORN Floods Ford With Demands for a RENT FREEZE

Posted October 2, 2020

60+ ACORN members from all over Ontario got together online to demand a REAL Rent Freeze from Doug Ford's Conservative Government. ACORN members joined in from Sudbury to Ottawa, and Kingston to London because Doug Ford's fake rent freeze was full of loopholes that will actually make things WORSE for tenants!

Leaders from Hamilton, Ottawa and Toronto went over the demands for a freeze on AGI's (Above Guideline Increases) vacancy control (so landlords can't evict tenants then jack up the rent) and the return of the eviction ban, as well as a rent relief program for tenants in financial distress. Then they began calling the Premier, MPPs, Ministers and bureaucrats to have their demands heard.
Over the course of an hour all the voicemail boxes were filled up with messages from ACORN members, and government staff that did pick up the calls promised to pass on the messages to their bosses.



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