Ontario’s 2020 Protect, Support, Recover Action Plan and Budget only Supports Businesses

Posted November 6, 2020

No surprises as the Ontario Government unveiled its 2020 budget yesterday. Not only is it “business as usual” but it's far worse!
Sitting on massive budgets, the finance minister announced no money whatsoever to support ever struggling low-to-moderate income tenants or people on disabilities who have been trying hard to survive on the ODSP/OW supports that have not seen any change over years. People on disabilities have seen their expenses escalating especially during the pandemic but the government provided support only for a few months during the start of the pandemic. 
In addition, there were no announcements to support the education sector so that overcrowded class sizes could be reduced to provide safe learning environments to children or for the long term cares that have only seen empty promises. Another payment of 200 dollars for parents with children is too little to support any important expenses. Far too many people don’t even have access to the internet and the pandemic is far from over!
The only focus of the government is to present a budget with minimal deficit at the cost of doing nothing for people! 



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