Ontario ACORN

Ontario ACORN has more than 100,000 members across the province. Starting from our oldest chapter in Toronto, membership has grown exponentially and formed official chapters in Hamilton and Ottawa and most recently in London. We also continue to engage members across other cities of Ontario through virtual meetings. Ontario ACORN members have secured many wins locally, provincially as well as nationally. Our campaigns have centred around demanding strong tenant protections, dignified life for people on social and income assistance and economic justice so that everyone has access to fair banking. Below is a list of our online actions. Join us to fight back, we believe in building power for change!

Shutdown the LTB! And Bring in Rent Relief

Tell Doug Ford to Immediately Sign the Emergency Order Banning Evictions

Say NO to Evictions, YES to Eviction Moratorium

Raise ODSP & OW Rates, Stop the Clawbacks

Ontario ACORN Demands NO COVID Evictions, NO AGIs & Full Rent Control

Demand Rent Freeze to Include AGIs & Vacancy Control

Demand NO COVID Evictions Now

People with Disabilities Live in Poverty During COVID19 - Raise the Rates!

Say No To Speeding Up Evictions - Kill Bill 184

Stop Usury and Gouging by Payday and Instalment Lenders NOW