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Online actions - ACORN Canada

Online actions

Canada is in a housing crisis and Starlight and the Federal Pension Board is making it worse!
The tenants of 1755 Jane St deserve safe, healthy homes.
Telus is approaching the CRTC to add a 1.5% surcharge to customers who pay their bill using a credit card. 
A licensing program for landlords in Calgary would create a concrete solution to substandard housing
Tell the city that they need to invest in parks in our neighbourhoods
The province of Alberta is in a housing crisis and in dire need of rent control!
Let the cities be governed by the people and not one person!
Send a message in support of the campaign to your city councillor, the Mayor and committee members.
Make sure the city does as much as possible for the thousands of families in Toronto at risk of eviction!
Tell the Committee of Adjustment and the City of Ottawa to say no to landlords pushing tenants out of affordable units!
Demand a moratorium on acquisition of housing by financialized landlords
Help protect low income tenants at risk of demoviction!!
Send a message to Forum Equities & Smart Living Property Management to meet with the Manor Village ACORN Tenant Union and to STOP the evictions!
Join London ACORN in demanding that the people who signed the sublease agreement ensure that she gets her moving costs
For years, his abusive and negligent behaviour has been known by the city of Montréal. // Depuis des années, son comportement abusif et négligent est connu par la ville de Montréal.
Send a message to Nick Legault to STOP the renovictions and meet with tenants!
The issue of climate change is directly connected to the housing crisis and tenants’ rights.
ACORN is calling on Higgs to close the loopholes that allow needless evictions based on renovations // ACORN demande à Higgs de combler les échappatoires qui permettent des expulsions inutiles basées sur des rénovations.
Now is the opportunity! New local networks are possible.
Instead of building housing for people who are in core housing need, the government is focused on a plan to create more luxury condos!
For years at a time, ODSP rates have not changed despite the rising cost of living

Support working class tenants and demand Greenwin fixes our buildings once and for all.
Support the tenants at 341 Elgin Street in fighting back against this injustice!
Tenants are demanding respect from the city and penalties on bad landlords by clearly displaying the conditions of their building in a visible space.
Tenants are being intimidated and harassed by the new landlord
We demand that Steven be relocated to a new OCH building and that the ongoing attempts to evict Steven be stopped! 
Demand that the city of Ottawa implements an Inclusionary Zoning policy that works for the people!
Every tenant deserves a respectful and dignified healthy home.
ACORN est encouragé que Projet Montréal et Valérie Plante ont répondu à notre demande pour la certification de logement et propose un tel système aussitôt dans leur deuxième mandat.
Join London ACORN to demand a vacant unit tax in London
Demand the City, the Provincial & Federal Government work together to make our streets safe again!
Low-income seniors need GIS payments urgently.
The City Budget of 2022 does not address the massive issues facing low and moderate income people of Toronto.
Herongate doesn’t need more luxury apartments- it needs REAL affordable housing and the right to return for previously evicted families!
Send an email to city councillors calling on them to vote YES for a strong licensing system!
We want the program to be made better and expanded to all-low-income people and fixed-income seniors!
The province of Ontario is in a housing crisis and in dire need of rent control! 
Send a message to Mayor Jim Watson and your city councillor to demand the City introduce an Anti Displacement Policy TODAY
ACORN continues to look for innovative solutions to Canada’s digital divide problem
Make Canada’s Employment Insurance System accessible and livable for all workers. 
Send a message to Doug Ford and the Provincial Government demanding they introduce protections for tenants facing “no fault” evictions
The number one issue for ACORN members is housing; housing is health
Tell the Planning Committee with the power to stop this that they need to step up and protect tenants in Ottawa! 
ACORN’s internet for all campaign is demanding the federal government provide low-cost, high-speed internet to all low-income people.
Every moment the government does not act to institute full vacancy rent controls puts us deeper into a housing crisis.
Increasing supply is pointless if there’s no rent control on the units!
Healthy homes are basic human rights! 
Doug Ford is sending Ontario back into shutdown with NO protections for low-moderate income people
Send an email to Surrey city council demanding they stand up for tenants!
Send a message that the proposal for this senseless development needs to be rejected and that the City needs to step up its game against demovictions!
Disabled Tenant Threatened with Eviction after Persistent Harassment by Landlord- TAKE ACTION!
Demand that Kery’s eviction notice be rescinded, and that all harassment stop IMMEDIATELY! 
Tell Premier Higgs that you Support ACORN’s End the NB Housing Crisis Campaign // Dites au premier ministre Higgs que vous soutenez la campagne End the NB Housing Crisis d’ACORN
We need this now, there’s no time to lose!
Smart Living is doing everything in their power to force tenants like Alison out of their units by neglecting repairs and putting their children’s health at risk so they can renovate and jack up the rent for new tenants. THIS MUST STOP! 
The time is NOW to criminalize high interest rates and to ensure installment loans are regulated. // Le moment est venu de criminaliser les taux d’intérêt élevés et de veiller à ce que les prêts à tempérament soient réglementés.
Ontario has some of the highest child care fees in Canada but Doug Ford has been sitting on the decision for months.
Help us send a message to Doug Ford, Minister of Housing Steve Clark and Conservative MPPs that this bill NEEDS to be passed for the good of the people of Ontario!
Send a letter to Kenney and Minister Pon saying Hands off Public Housing and say NO to privatization in Alberta!
Enough is enough – Tell the UPCs that it’s time for tenants to have rights in Alberta.
Healthy Homes for All!
We need to pressure city councillors and city staff to speed up and strengthen the program
We need landlord licensing, it’s time for the landlords to pay their fair share!
Dwayne’s landlord is neglecting his tenants and instead of doing his job, he’s on vacation while Dwayne is forced to live without hydro – a basic necessity!
When thousands of tenants are living in substandard conditions, the only thing the city cares about is money.
The disrespect and mistreatment of tenants and their safety by Starlight and Cogir must come to an end.
Support London ACORN in demanding that the company immediately stops bullying and harassment and works with Jordan towards a solution that helps retain housing.
Big landlord Corporations like Starlight Investments and more, make million dollars of profit by charging high rent to tenants, Above the Guideline Rent Increases, and yet fail to do repairs and fail to hear tenant concerns.
Tenants in Kipps Lane Townhomes are demanding action from Kipps Lane Property Management/ Macdane Group of Companies, the agency that is responsible for maintaining the townhomes at Kipps Lane.
The federal government is pouring billions of dollars in developers’ pockets to build unaffordable housing! // Le gouvernement fédéral déverse des milliards de dollars dans les poches des promoteurs pour construire des logements inabordables !
Join London ACORN’s call for the strongest plan possible, and stop landlords and developers from lobbying for a weak plan that preserves their profits.
We know how deeply problematic these remote hearings are for low-and-moderate income tenants. Tell Doug Ford to stop digital evictions.
Because banks are failing, people are pushed to borrow from predatory lenders such as Money Mart, Easy Financial, Cash Money and many others that charge an interest rate of 60% – 500% depending on the size of the loan. // Parce que les banques font faillite, les gens sont poussés à emprunter auprès de prêteurs prédateurs tels que Money Mart, Easy Financial, Cash Money et bien d’autres qui facturent un taux d’intérêt de 60 % à 500 % selon lagrandeur du prêt.
The tenant has the right to her apartment, a healthy home without harassment.
We will not let big developers destroy our homes. We’re NOT MOVING.
Join Peel ACORN’s call for the strongest policy possible
Send a message to your MPP and Premier Doug Ford to demand Ontario makes a deal with the Federal Government to take advantage of this new funding and give us $10/day childcare.
Rent continues to go up every year but tenants are forced to live in unsafe housing.
ACORN members are calling for a bolder plan on the vacant unit tax from the City of Toronto.
There is a way to enforce housing standards and ensure that tenants have healthy housing.
The City is looking into licensing rooming houses, in order to protect tenants and communities.
London ACORN is demanding that the landlord immediately fixes the unit and ensure that Samantha’s right to a healthy home is protected.
Tell Jason Kenney and his government that the time to ACT on housing is NOW!
The BC Housing crisis needs urgent and bold actions to ensure that every individual has access to affordable and liveable housing. Demand affordable and healthy housing for all in BC.
Everyone in BC deserves to live with dignity and get the respect they deserve from the provincial government. 
We want the Goverment of Alberta to work with the Federal Government to ensure that all families have access to affordable, high-quality childcare. 
Support ACORN members in Sudbury Ontario that are fighting for housing justice!
London ACORN members are demanding that the City of London immediately steps up
ACORN is demanding the landlord immediately stop all effort to displace tenants at 309 Strathearne Ave in East Hamilton.
Internet is Essential and internet access is no joke!
Stand up to corporate driven development – say NO to mass displacement!
Timbercreek is known to evict tenants across the country!
We need the government and the Competition Bureau to Stop the Merger! ACORN members suppoer public control NOT corporate control! 

Internet is a lifeline, and we need it more than ever during COVID // Le réseau internet demeurera pour toujours, et nous avons énormément besoin de cela pendant cette situation de COVID-19
ACORN is demanding the grants affect all tenants with a loan from the rent bank, as well as doubling the $3 million to $6 million to help more families.
No human being should be forced to live in such horrific living conditions. Where is the City in holding these slumlords accountable?
We are calling on the Housing Stability Bank to Step Up as London almost tops the charts when it comes to tenants with rental arrears in the country.

URGENT ACTION: LeBreton Flats Needs REAL Affordable Housing!

We need REAL affordable housing for low income and working class tenants!

ACORN Members need the federal government to ensure all people can access the internet!
We will not let predatory landlords evict low income tenants and raise the rent on vacant units!
Weston ACORN member, Danny Graham, is being harassed and threatened with eviction by his landlord.
Tenants deserve healthy homes!
Having a house is the strongest public health measure during the pandemic.
Un an après le début de la pandémie, il est désormais clair que le gouvernement fédéral et le secteur bancaire ont laissé tomber les personnes à revenu faible ou moyen.
The Federal Government is working to finalise their multi-billion dollar budget. And we need to make sure that money goes to people not corporate interests!

Rein in the REITs: Stop aggressive predatory landlords! // Freinons les FPI ! Dites à votre député de réguler les propriétaires corporatifs

We are asking the federal government to stop giving huge tax subsidies to Canada’s biggest landlords or REITs. The government has lost 1.2 billion dollars in the last 10 years bu giving these exemptions. Real Estate Investment Trusts or REITs must be reined in! // Nous avons besoin de cet argent investi dans le logement abordable.
Support Toronto ACORN’s Protecting Affordable Housing / Resist Renovictions Campaign to demand the city saves the affordable housing stock we already have and protects working class tenants from predatory landlords.
Send a message to City Hall demanding they introduce an anti-displacement policy for when affordable housing is being redeveloped
Families with young children are living in dangerous conditions because of MetCap’s neglect and refusal to act. 
We need the Federal Government to mandate banks to create alternative credit product and lower the interest rate for installment loans from 60 – 30% so that low-income people don’t have to rely on predatory loans.
We need to tax mansions, and use that money to fund affordable housing and services that protect existing affordable housing.
Les loyers à travers le Québec sont en hausse depuis des années, et les locataires ne peuvent pas payer ! 
Rents are rising in New Brunswick to unaffordable levels for working class people.
Because the Federal Government has failed to force big telcoms to provide affordable internet, Toronto is forced to address the issues at the local level.
Developers are making huge profits from building in Toronto, and giving nothing back.
We are calling on Medallion Corp to stop the eviction of a London ACORN member who is being evicted despite her trying very hard to work with the landlord to make the rental payments. 
Displacing tenants in a housing crisis and pandemic is wrong.
Keeping everyone housed is one of the most important public health measures during a pandemic.
Every person needs to be housed, especially during a pandemic. Tenants deserve healthy homes.
We are in the peak of a pandemic that has exposed the urgent need to modernize EI.
ACORN is calling on Mayor John Tory, City Council and the leadership of TCHC to immediately halt all evictions.
Doug Ford then chooses to adjourn the house and not debate the motion and sign the order.
Everyone deserves a roof over their heads during a pandemic – Nova Scotia needs to ban ALL evictions!
We will not let big developers destroy our homes. We’re NOT MOVING. No development if it means displacement.
Ford Government announced lockdown in several regions across Ontario as COVID 19 cases surge.
Send an email to your MPP, Premier and Housing Minister of Ontario to bring back the moratorium on evictions and include No Above the Guideline Rent Increases and full rent control, including vacancy control in the new rent freeze legislation.
ACORN is demanding that all renoviction efforts at the property stop!
Working class families have lived in the two buildings for over 40 + years – now they have to be out by March. 
We will not let predatory landlords destroy our communities – WE ARE NOT MOVING!
When restaurants can be regularly inspected and licensed, why can’t we license and regularly inspect the buildings where we live?
CAPREIT is the largest Real Estate Investment Trust in Canada, owning more than 477 apartment buildings and manufactured housing communities, and is a leading cause of the affordable housing crisis in Canada. // CAPREIT est la plus grande fiducie de placement immobilier au Canada, possédant plus de 477 immeubles d’appartements et de logements préfabriqués, et est l’une des principales causes de la crise du logement abordable au Canada.
We don’t have a choice to stay home –  the overcrowding of buses is putting our lives at risk! 
COVID numbers are rising fast, we are in the second wave, things are changing but what has not changed is the apathy of telecoms and government towards low-income people! // Le nombre de COVID augmente rapidement, nous sommes dans la deuxième vague, les choses changent mais ce qui n’a pas changé, c’est l’apathie des télécoms et du gouvernement envers les personnes à faible revenu!
Hamilton ACORN’s Defend Our Homes campaign is a crucial fight to save the existing affordable housing in Hamilton.
Join ACORN members across the city in demanding Mayor Jim Watson STEP UP to provide rent relief.
For Doug Ford’s proposed Rent Freeze to work, it needs to close all the loopholes that the big landlord lobby has successfully won in the last few decades. 
Join ACORN members across the city in demanding Mayor John Tory STEP UP to provide rent relief.
Only with a BIG PUSH from tenants and allies can we ensure these bylaws pass committee and then council on Wed, Aug 26th.
The Eviction Moratorium will be lifted on August 1st and it is estimated between 7-9% of tenants in Ontario weren’t able to pay rent during the pandemic.
The Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) is forcing people to live in poverty. Many ODSP recipients are struggling to make ends meet during this time of crisis.
In these unprecedented times, tenants need a Rent Break, Rent Freeze, Rent Control & Eviction Prevention!
Telus has responded to our demands and taken steps to ensure disabled people have access to affordable internet during these difficult times. Now let’s put the pressure on Shaw to do even better!
Low wage workers, people with disabilities, seniors, newcomers and people who are otherwise immunocompromised face barriers to traditional testing centre approaches.
City Council is about to vote on a new rent control model for affordable housing built on OUR PUBLIC LAND – tell them to support ACORN’s demands for real rent control.
ACORN Members need the federal government to ensure that all people are able to access the internet as the need is greater than ever.
Tenants across the country are having to make a difficult choice – to pay rent or to put food on the table! 
May 1st is coming all too soon for thousands of renters across the country.
Is this the government’s solution for many workers who can’t access the federal benefit and fall through the cracks?
Government response needs to go further in light of the challenges tenants are currently facing with COVID-19. 
Demand RealStar meets with the ACORN Tenants’ Association and actually start resolving our issues!
The Province of Ontario is in the midst of a housing crisis. With rents rising in Toronto every year something REAL must be done to make renting a home possible for hard working people.
Ottawa ACORN members want a landlord licensing program similar to how restaurants are licensed or Toronto’s Rent Safe Program.
As bank profits continue to grow, many Canadians find themselves devastated by NSF fees of $45 and high interest rates on overdrafts and credit.
Nous avons besoin d’une licence pour propriétaire-locateur MAINTENANT! Envoyez un courriel au conseiller Mathieu Fleury exigeant des logements sains pour les locataires à faible revenu.
ACORN Canada has been fighting for affordable and accessible Internet for All – and now the CRTC has passed the buck to the Ministry of Innovation to make high speed internet affordable for low and moderate income people!
La province de l’Ontario est en pleine crise du logement
The City of Toronto is currently looking into regulating landlords through a licensing regime to enforce maintenance standards.