Now Magazine: Looking for a new apartment in Toronto? Check before signing a lease

Posted May 19, 2016

ACORN Canada and Rentlogic teamed up to create a site that pulls data from the City of Toronto to display the landlords and addresses with the highest number of investigations in 2015.
While it's a great tool for apartment-hunters and busy bodies alike, the purpose of the site is to showcase why members of the advocacy group believes there is a need for stronger regulations of landlords, similar to that of DineSafe, which regulates local restaurants. Tomorrow (May 19), the Licensing and Standards Committee will vote on the issue.
"For 12 years ACORN has fought for a landlord licensing program for apartment buildings which would be similar to the Dine Safe program used for the city’s restaurants," the site reads. "Landlord licensing would help ensure that tenants in this city are protected."
Check out Toronto's worst landlords and buildings here.
Article by Kate Robertson for Now Magazine