Nova Scotia ACORN

Nova Scotia ACORN started out in Sydney, Cape Breton back in 2011. In 2012, NS ACORN moved to the HRM and first started organizing in North Dartmouth. We established our North Central Halifax Chapter in May 2014 and our Dartmouth North Chapter in September 2014 -- and we will be coming soon to a neighbourhood near you!

In the meantime, we've been busy fighting back against slumlords, pushing the city to introduce landlord licensing, and campaigning for better living conditions for public housing tenants. Nova Scotia ACORN is also fighting for the return of rent control to Nova Scotia, a living wage, and affordable access to the internet.

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The Globe & Mail: The urban Atlantic advantage: Work-from-home era offers Halifax more people and more wealth, but at a price

As remote work levels the economic playing field between cities, Nova Scotia is seeing an influx of newly untethered professional workers that will help them meet growth aspirations – and could also exacerbate problems of housing and inequality