Nova Scotia ACORN Says So Long to Stephen McNeil!

Posted February 4, 2021

Last Saturday ACORN leaders from across the HRM gathered in front of the Premier's office to say farewell to Stephen McNeil ahead of the Liberal leadership convention. For low- and moderate-income people, Stephen McNeil’s departure represents an opportunity to change course after a government that they feel has left them behind.
Sam Hall, who led the action, sums it up best: "Stephen McNeil was a Premier who will be best known among our community for refusing to reinstate rent control, calling the housing crisis a “philosophical issue”, for union busting, for stripping the education system for parts, for refusing Nova Scotians a $15 minimum wage, and for forcing tens of thousands of families on income assistance and disability to live in poverty. We’re clearly disappointed by Premier McNeil’s track record, and we’re going to keep fighting until we see justice for our communities! 
"In two weeks we’ll have a new Premier, not elected by the people but elected by the Liberal Party, and we have some expectations and demands for whoever that may be. We need immediate action for tenants and people who are sleeping on the streets during this pandemic, we need long-term solutions to the housing crisis, we need to raise the rates of income assistance and disability, and we need AT LEAST a $15 minimum wage so that no Nova Scotian is living in poverty!"



CTV News: Nova Scotia ACORN says farewell to Stephen McNeil



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