Nova Scotia ACORN Meeting on Landlords

Nova Scotia ACORN

Posted April 26, 2017

On April 22, Nova Scotia ACORN held a community wide meeting at the Dartmouth North Community Centre regarding the topic of Landlords. 
The meeting was called because of the increase of media surrounding the topic of housing issues here in the province but in particular HRM as well as the increase in call volume Nova Scotia ACORN was receiving from individuals who were struggling with difficult landlords. ACORN members believed that an information session would provide residents with the resources to help make their home a safe and healthy one.
The results of the Halifax Tenant Survey were released and the crowd informed that a new survey is being released soon to bring these issues to the provincial level. Please contact Nova Scotia ACORN for a copy of these results. 
Guest speakers included:
City Councillor Lisa Blackburn, District 14
City Councillor Lindell Smith, District 8
City Councillor Lorelei Nicoll, District 4
City councillor Waye Mason, District 7
Emily Reid, Case Manager at Salvation Army
Matt Covey, Division Chief, Halifax Regional Fire and Emergency
Oleg Lights,
At the meeting, Jonethan Brigley (Dartmouth ACORN Chair) explained the concept of Landlord Licensing that we are encouraging Halifax City Council to adopt. The premise behind Landlord Licensing is similar to licenses that other businesses have to maintain in order to be owned and operated. ACORN members want landlords to be held accountable for the environment their tenants are living in through regular inspections, penalties for not meeting minimum standards and a version of rent control so that landlords to not take out the cost of renovations on tenants.
Rent control was also discussed briefly.
Nova Scotia members are excited to move forward with this campaign and energized by the turnout from the wider community. Contact Nova Scotia ACORN to get involved!