North Surrey and Newton Chapter Meeting Update

Posted August 2, 2016

On Tuesday, July 26, ACORN members held their monthly chapter meeting at the Central City Library in Surrey. The members came together to complete the planning stages of a community safety campaign, aimed at improving quality of life in Surrey's lowest income neighborhoods.
ACORN members are calling on the city of Surrey to:
  1. Work immediately to create a supervised injection site in the city to alleviate the burden of drug overdoses on Surrey's hospitals, emergency response teams, as well as reduce the amount of used needles being left in the the neighborhoods
  2. Create a municipal police force to improve police accountability to the citizens of the city of Surrey.
  3. Put in traffic calming infrastructure in the city's lower income neighborhoods to reduce the risk of traffic related injuries to children and elderly persons in the communities.
  4. Increase lighting in crime stricken neighborhoods to help reduce petty crime.
  5. Create a licencing system for bicycles to help track stolen property, and promote green transportation solutions in the city.

The members also resolved in a unanimous motion to call on the city to create a housing plan for the city's homeless. It is the opinion of ACORN members in Surrey that by first meeting the basic need for safe and secure housing, other poverty-related issues in the city can also be resolved.