Next Steps in Living Wage Campaign

We’ve passed the first hurdle towards a living wage bylaw in the City of Ottawa by winning the first vote directing City staff to investigate possible Living Wage options.

Now comes the hard part.

Over the coming months City staff will investigate different types of living wage bylaws before presenting proposals to Ottawa City Council for a vote. We need to make sure we have the votes necessary on Council to pass the most progressive of the options that staff will present.

ACORN Members are taking to the streets to lobby their councilors; can you send a quick message in support of their grassroots efforts?  Just Click Here to Take Action

Also, be sure to check out the press coverage of the vote:

From the Ottawa Citizen

The "living wage" idea is being pushed by the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN). Nadia Willard, a member of the group’s Ottawa chapter, said experience in the U.S. where more than 100 cities have enacted living-wage policies, shows they provide several benefits to employers and the general public as well as low-paid workers.

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And from Ottawa Metro


One-fifth of Canadians earn less than $10 an hour, said ACORN member Nadia Willard. In Ottawa, a living wage is $13.25 an hour, based on a 35-hour work week. The increase doesn't sound like much, but "it makes a stark difference," she said. While Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Waterloo and London are exploring living wage policies, Ottawa is "on pace to be the first Canadian city to champion a living wage policy," she said.
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