New Endorsements for Ontario Remittance Justice Campaign

ACORN members rallying for Remittance JusticeSupport for Remittance Justice is building every day across Ontario.

Every year Ontarians send hundreds of millions of dollars to loved ones overseas. The companies that process those payments often take 10-20% off the top. ACORN members have been working for two years to lower the fees so that money gets to the people who need it.


New people are joining ACORN as members, and as allies, to do what they can to get Bill 98 passed.

Introduced in May by MPP Jagmeet Singh and leading members of ACORN, Bill 98 would put a cap on the fees charged by Money Transfer Organizations (e.g. Western Union, MoneyGram); it would also make the industry transparent so customers know exactly how much they're paying to send money to family overseas. 

All kinds of organizations have endorsed the campaign. Here are a few: 

Newspapers across the province have written editorials endorsing the campaign, too - the Toronto Star, the Ottawa Citizen, the Brampton Local, Share News, iPolitics, the Jamaica Gleaner, and others. 

If you or your organization can help build this campaign, please get in touch with the ACORN office closest to you

Not sure how where your MPP stands on Bill 98? Find their phone number here. Let us know what they say.