Nepean Neighbourhood ACORN Members Deliver Letter to Corporate Landlord

Posted September 23, 2020

Yesterday two dozen ACORN members and tenants of the neighbourhood of Manor Village in Nepean delivered a letter of community demands to the downtown office of their landlord, “Smart Living Properties”.
The City of Ottawa and Smart Living are both currently on track to displace the low-income neighbourhood in Nepean. Smart Living purchased the property on Sept 1st and has a business model of redeveloping low cost rentals into expensive student housing through renovictions, like tenants in Sandy Hill are currently experiencing. Meanwhile, the City’s current recommendations for expansion of the LRT include mass evicting 100, mostly low-income, working class tenants who will be forced to look for new homes during a housing crisis. 
Tenants were demanding the following: 
  • Smart Living have a meeting with tenants either virtually or in person to answer questions from tenants about their plans for the property
  • Smart Living make all plans regarding redevelopment, development, renovation, eviction and displacement publicly available 6 months in advance and allow input from tenants
  • No demolitions of current units take place at Manor Village 
Tenants were met with hostility and non-answers from a Smart Living Spokesperson who would not allow tenants inside to speak. New ACORN leaders from the neighbourhood, Alison Trowbridge and Lisa Bilow, read the tenants' demands to the spokesperson who insisted on meeting with tenants individually. Alison and Lisa stood strong and refused to allow Smart Living to pick off tenants one by one and insisted they meet with tenants collectively. Their demands were refused so before leaving they made it clear that ACORN will be escalating the campaign and posted the unaccepted letter to the building door. 
ACORN members from Manor Village and supporters left in high spirits, ready to fight for their homes harder than ever and fight for their neighbourhood as a community. 
Press from CBC to come! 


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