MPPs get 20% housing increase while social assistance recipients are left broken hearted: Ontario ACORN members rally for increases to OW/ODSP on Feb 14th

ACORN OW/ODSP action Feb 14, 2019

Posted February 15th, 2019

On Valentine’s day, ACORN members took to the streets to fight back against cuts to OW/ODSP and demand that the Province shows low and moderate income Ontarians some love! Social assistance recipients were deeply disappointed to hear that MPPs have had their housing allowance rates increased to $2,300, while OW/ODSP recipients received a 1.5% cut last year. The shelter allowance for a single ODSP recipient is $497, while a single OW recipient receives $390. OW/ODSP recipients are being forced into deep poverty. We’re calling on the Province to:

-Reinstate the full 3% increase to assistance rates;

-Increase social assistance rates by an additional $500/month across the board;

-Apply a 20% increase to the shelter allowance to match MPP’s housing allowance increase;

-Reduce clawbacks.

See updates from our actions and press below:


Thirty ACORN members and allies rallied in front of Hamilton's downtown ODSP office to demand the provincial government show some love to ODSP/OW recipients. Leaders Mike Wood, Elizabeth Ellis and Raven Bridges spoke to the crowd about the importance of keeping the pressure on and challenged Doug Ford to live on ODSP/OW rates for 3 months. After chants and speeches, the rally moved inside to deliver a demand letter and broken hearts to senior staff at the ODSP office.


Hamilton Spectator: Broken-hearted protest in downtown Hamilton


Twenty-eight Ottawa ACORN members were joined by our allies from OPSEU at the local ODSP/OW office to demand the same 20% increase to the housing allowance that MPPs gave themselves! ACORN members signed a Valentine's Day card asking Minister Lisa MacLeod to meet with ACORN and delivered it, along with a bouquet of dead flowers, to the ODSP/OW office.


Press from the Ottawa Citizen coming soon


Ten ACORN members marched from Glencairn TTC to the office of Robin Martin, MPP for Eglinton-Lawrence in Toronto, who won her election by the slimmest of margins.

ACORN members presented a Valentine's day card with our demands and a letter requesting a meeting.





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