Mountain ACORN members hold phone blitz action to demand healthy homes during pandemic!

Posted January 15, 2021

977 Mohawk Rd East is a building of mostly seniors. For over a year now they have been operating with no superintendent and common area cleaning only once or twice a week. Public Health recommends cleaning of high contact surfaces twice a day! Tenants are worried about a COVID-19 outbreak, like the ones seen in long term care homes.
This Wednesday January 13th ACORN members and tenants from 977 Mohawk Rd East came together on Zoom to have a phone blitz. 11 members called into Drake Property Management Demanding that they follow Public Health recommendations for Apartment building during Covid19. 
Public Health Recommendations have not been made mandatory in Hamilton, leaving tenants whose landlords aren’t following recommendations with no recourse. ACORN members also called into the mayor’s office demanding that these recommendations be made mandatory immediately!  
Hamilton ACORN is demanding that the following be made mandatory.
  • Proper PPE given to building staff while doing thorough deep cleaning of buildings
  • Signage in common areas (laundry rooms, elevators, lobbies) and on every floor encouraging social distancing and hand washing.
  • Disinfection of high contact surfaces two times a day
  • Deep clean common areas weekly
  • Cleaning schedule posted in common area
  • Hand sanitizer on every floor and in common areas
  • Continue with maintenance/pest control if tenants wants, in order to ensure safe/healthy place to stay in during lockdown
  • Regularly keep tenants updated on COVID-19 prevention measures
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