Metro News Halifax: Fair Wage Coalition thinks Nova Scotians deserve a raise

Posted April 16, 2016

The Fair Wage Coalition thinks Nova Scotians deserve a raise.
Members of the coalition gathered outside the McDonalds on Spring Garden Rd. Friday to protest the minimum wage rate in the province.
They argue that minimum wage should be increased to $15 next year. As of April 1, minimum wage in Nova Scotia sits at $10.70.

“We need to raise awareness that minimum wage needs to go up more than 10 cents next year,” said Jon Ethan Brigley, Dartmouth Chair for ACORN Canada.
Brigley works full time at A&W but says he struggles to meet his financial responsibilities each month.
“On the current minimum wage, I barely scrape by paying my rent, food, and utility bills. My girlfriend is on social assistance, between that and my income, we still barely get by,” Brigley said.
Brigley says the coalition believes there will be wider benefits to the province if the minimum wage were to be raised.
“One of our main focuses is that with that money people will have more money to themselves, which will fuel small businesses and allow everyone to get paid equally,” said Brigley.
“Having a campaign to increase minimum wage actually lifts up everybody, especially precarious workers, immigrants and people like that,” said Sam Krawec, member of Solidarity Halifax.
The coalition includes members of Nova Scotia ACORN, Solidarity Halifax, Canadian Federation of Students- Nova Scotia, Dalhousie Student Union, Nova Scotia Federation of Labour and the Halifax-Dartmouth & District Labour Council.
Article by Nicole Gnazdowsky for Metro News Halifax