Members of 100 and 110 Unity Road achieve major victory

Major victory for ACORN members of East York

Posted on 11 January 2020

Members 100 and 110 Unity Road, seniors building in East York have been struggling with substandard housing. The Property Management Company, DMS, has been ignoring the tenants’ issues. Last time when members got together, Nick Savino of DMS promised a meeting to discuss housing issues.  A meeting was held on 10th January at the building premises and as a result of collective action, members won important commitments from the DMS, such as:

  • Extending office hours in the building. 
  • Replacing the carpet on 100 Unity Road.
  • A better approach to pest control.
  • Not selling the building and maintaining a rent assistance model. 
  • Supporting the Buddy System if tenants want it. 
  • Addressing security concerns in the building. 
  • Being more diligent with maintenance and having a proper work order protocol. 
  • Having an open line of communication with tenants and hosting a follow-up meeting to measure progress in the building. 

Tenants will be watching closely to ensure that these commitments are realised.

Tenants in Toronto are organizing and joining the largest tenants’ union in North America to improve their living conditions! Call 416 461 9233 or email if you want change in your building! People need healthy and affordable homes now! 




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