Rohan Jagroo

Posted May 1, 2013

Rohan Jagroo joined Toronto ACORN’s Weston chapter in August, 2011 because his landlord wasn’t doing the repairs and cleaning that were needed in his high-rise apartment  building. 

He’s been active since then – participating in and leading neighborhood meetings, visiting his Member of Provincial Parliament to lobby for changes to the Residential Tenancies Act, and speaking to the media on behalf of the organization. 

In addition to his leadership and organizing on local campaigns for better housing, he’s become very involved in the campaign for remittance justice. In February of this year he and other members met with MPP Jagmeet Singh to plan for the introduction of a private member’s bill that would bring remittance justice to Ontario. It was tabled on May 31st.

In March, Rohan joined ACORN Canada leaders from across the country in Brampton for a national leadership school. They focused on how to further build a national campaign for livable housing, and how to connect lots of new people to the remittance campaign. The learning he did with experienced ACORN leaders gave him the skills and confidence to canvass his neighborhood – connecting with an incredible 1300 new ACORN Canada supporters.