Noel Ouellette

Noel Ouellette has been a member of the New Westminster chapter of ACORN Canada since its inception in 2005.  In that time Noel has participated on and off in ACORN campaigns and activities, while never taking a defined leadership role.  That is, before ACORN convention was.announced. 
In June of 2012, ACORN staff and leaders called through the member lists telling people about the convention, explaining the true costs of the trip, and assuring people that over the next that we could help make fundraising plans for convention goers to cover the full cost of the trip.  Noel was the first one in with a deposit and never looked back.
During the next few months, Noel sold calendars, books, and asked people around town for a sponsorship, and chipping in what he could of his own out of his Disability cheques.  By January 2013 noel had fundraised over $800 for the trip, becoming the leading ACORN member fundraiser in Canada. 
But that was not all.
Noel began speaking to the press about BC ACORN's disability rights and healthy homes campaigns, and was amazingly on the front page of 4 newspapers over the course of the last year.  He helped lead our disability rights group meeting with the Minister of Social Development in BC, and organized, and led, a weekly stand for housing at a major intersection in New Westminster for 35 consecutive Saturdays. 
Noel Ouellette is now a leading voice of low income people nationally, and everyone involved with ACORN is proud to have him as one of us!