Manor Village ACORN Tenant Union Fights LRT Demoviction

Posted November 3, 2020

ACORN members from the Nepean neighbourhood of Manor Village are in a battle against the City of Ottawa to save their homes from demoviction due to stage 3 of the LRT. 
City Staff have come up with many other workable options for the track that would not destroy the homes of low-income tenants, but would nonetheless prefer to throw tenants under the metaphorical and literal train, for convenience and comfort. 
Members have been organizing their neighbourhood over the past 3 weeks in the lead up to the vote in transportation committee on November 2nd. 
On Thursday, Oct 22,  members held an outreach rally at an existing LRT station to petition and picket. 
The city called the police on members multiple times, but members were able to win over the police and convince them to sign the petition.
New leader Alison Trowbridge did an amazing interview on CBC radio at the action and it was covered in the Ottawa Citizen.  
On Tuesday, Oct 27th members held a tenant Testimonial Report Launch in the neighbourhood. Members and tenants gave incredibly moving testimonies and Launched their report. CTV sent a camera to this and it was on the 11:00 news
Then on Oct 29th members held their big rally and march. The march started off at the rental office, and followed the outline of Manor Village down Woodroffe Ave. where members placed a prop LRT train to symbolically move the LRT out of the neighbourhood. Global news covered the march. 
Members deputed at transportation committee on November 2nd, explaining what being forced out of their homes would mean for their families and asking committee to vote in favour of a motion put forward by Councillor Shawn Menard. The motion would direct staff to present the committee with more information about other options for stage 3 LRT that do not demovict tenants, and come up with a concrete plan for tenants affected before moving forward with any plan that would. 
Committee voted down Councillor Menards motion, and approved staff’s recommendation for stage 3 LRT. 
ACORN members from Manor Village are now ready to take this fight to City Council on November 25, and are planning 3 weeks worth of actions in order to escalate the situation and bring the issue to the attention of more people in Ottawa. 
Want to take more action? The ACORN Manor Village Tenant Union is asking allies like you to stand in solidarity with them by joining their social distance rally right before council votes on the future of their home on Wed, Nov 25th at 9am at City Hall. Facebook event here


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