Malton ACORN First Action a Big Success

Posted January 29, 2018

On Jan 27th at 12pm members of ACORN and local residents of Malton came together at the local community centre to fight for affordable programming.
"Malton needs more and we won't be ignored any longer," says Malton resident and ACORN co-chair Cecelia Lay. Members are demanding free programing and changes to the programs currently offered to residents.
Members spoke with The CBC, City TV and Global news to shed light on the high cost of programming and the lack of programs for seniors. They marched into the community centre as camera crews followed to deliver a letter of demands around changes to the community centre and to ask for a meeting with local city councilor Carolyn Parrish. After today's action Parrish's EA has agreed to set a date to meet with ACORN leaders in Malton!
Join us as we fight for change in Malton.



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