London ACORN

London ACORN started organizing in 2020. While an official chapter was launched in October 2020, members started meeting virtual meetings every month starting July. 

Through a survey and the organizing drive, the issue that came up as a priority was substandard housing conditions. This resulted in the launch of the landlord licensing campaign in London which means greater landlord accountability. Members did a lot of actions and met with city councillors to discuss what tenants are facing. 

Two city councillors moved the motion for review of the landlord licensing bylaw in London which was voted unanimously. As we wait for the staff to report back on the review of the licensing bylaw, London ACORN has been fighting for a rent relief program in London as well as ramping up the campaign for a bold inclusionary zoning policy.


CBC News London: 'It's not justice, it's efficiency': Critics slam online landlord-tenant hearings Social Sharing

Posted April 1, 2022

Dezerae Sturgeon had hoped her hearing at the Landlord and Tenant Board (LTB) would be a fair legal process that would stop her  — along with her mother and nine-year-old daughter — from being evicted from their home of eight years. 

London Free Press: City hall blasted for secrecy over probe into near-deadly student house fire

Posted February 15, 2022

Tenants’ rights groups in London are blasting city hall for saying it won’t make public the results of an investigation into a near-deadly fire at a crowded student bungalow in the city’s northeast.

“I think it is shameful, frankly,” said Jordan Smith, a local leader of ACORN Canada. “We can’t get anything done if we can’t have basic accountability.”