In Community - Information and Referral Services for Seniors in British Columbia

Information and Referral (I&R) is defined, for this study, as the art, science and practice of bringing people and services together. Throughout BC and Canada, community-based, non-profit agencies are the most common on-the-ground I&R service providers. This study focuses on I&R as it pertains to seniors in British Columbia, particularly Metro Vancouver.

Internet for All: ACORN Member Testimonies

“I just can’t afford the internet” is a common theme that’s emerging from a series of testimonies ACORN Canada has collected talking to its members across Canada. The testimonies also clearly show that the most vulnerable are being hit the hardest as telecom companies continue to record billion dollar profit. The pandemic has underscored, greater than ever, the need for affordable and reliable internet. 


With internet plans ranging from anywhere between 50 to 150 dollars and more, as Corey Daniels, an Ottawa ACORN member says: “Just because the internet is there, doesn’t mean I can access it”. Read this resource to read testimony of Corey and many more ACORN members who are struggling to access the internet.


Ontario Top Evictors of the Year 2020

Posted on July 8, 2021

ACORN Canada filed a Freedom of Information request at the Landlord and Tenant Board to seek data on the number of eviction applications filed in 2020 and also the name of the landlord alongwith the reason for filing the application. The analysis shows that it's Canada's biggest landlords that continued to file eviction applications despite the pandemic.

Renovictions in Hamilton

Renoviction is the practice and tactics used bylandlords to evict or force out tenants under theguise of major renovation. The goal is to displace lowand moderate income tenants who are paying belowmarket rent. Vacated units are renovated and re-rented out at a higher rate.

Rein in the REITs

Posted on 3rd February, 2021

The federal government is giving huge tax subsidies to billionaire landlords or the Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs). Through this report, we highlight the blliions of dollars that have been lost by way of these sweetheart tax deals and the action that needs to be taken to ensure that affordable housing is developed and maintained. Time to REIN in the REITs!


ACORN Votes: The People's Platform Responses

ACORN Canada, founded in 2004, is a grassroots membership based organization that has rapidly grown into one of the country's most effective voices for low- and moderate-income Canadians.  With over 130,000 members in 22 chapters in 9 cities across the country, our central purpose is to effectively represent and champion the interests of Canada's low- and moderate-income urban citizens on the critical issues of social and economic justice.

ACORN members have been conducting a number of campaigns, both at the federal and provincial level. ACORN Canada is a multi-issue organization, as a result, we have a range of campaigns that have emerged from community organizing around the issues that affect the lives of low and moderate income communities.  This document captures the main campaigns that we continue to fight for, at the federal level. 

ACORN Canada's submission to CMHC's rights-based approach to housing consultation

By introducing a National Housing Strategy (NHS) and making a commitment to a rights-based approach to housing, the Federal Government is taking a significant step towards tackling Canada’s housing crisis. ACORN members welcome this national plan. Yet, we acknowledge that there is a long way to go to overcome the systemic issues that have led to so many homeless and underhoused Canadians.