Liberal government's inaction leaves low income people in debt and offline


Posted on June 16, 2020


“I just can’t afford the internet” is a common theme that’s emerging from a series of testimonies ACORN Canada has collected talking to its members across Canada. The testimonies also clearly show that the most vulnerable are being hit the hardest as telecom companies continue to record billion dollar profit. The pandemic has underscored, greater than ever, the need for affordable and reliable internet. 


With internet plans ranging from anywhere between 50 to 150 dollars and more, as Corey Daniels, an Ottawa ACORN member says: “Just because the internet is there, doesn’t mean I can access it”.


Click here to read testimony of Corey and many more ACORN members who are struggling to access the internet.


On Tuesday, June 16th ACORN Canada is holding a nation-wide action calling on the Trudeau Government, CRTC, and Telecom Companies for Affordable and Reliable Internet for ALL Low-income Canadians.  


Click here to see the details of these actions happening across the country.

At a time when governments require people to stay home, ACORN Canada is calling for:

  • FREE Internet for all low-income Canadians and fixed-income seniors during the “pandemic and recovery period” and for 6 months thereafter.
  • Immediate expansion of the Federal Government's Connecting Families Program to provide 10 dollar internet to ALL low-income people after the COVID recovery period.

Click here to send a quick letter to Justin Trudeau, your MP and Big telecom companies.





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