Landlord Licensing takes big step forward in Toronto

Posted May 20, 2016

Toronto's Licensing and Standards Committee voted to move Landlord Licensing to the final stages of development in Toronto.  
ACORN President Marva Burnett from Scarborough was very excited about the vote.  "It shows that these councillors are starting to take us seriously.  It has taken some time, but it is worth it."
But Marva cautioned against assuming this fight was over.  
"Listen, we're ACORN, we are not dumb enough to think that this fight is over with this unanimous vote at the committee."  
"ACORN is going to be on every city councillor across the city - including Mayor Tory - making sure they vote yes for Landlord Licensing at the June council meeting."
"Bottom line for the councillors and Mayor Tory is this: We are your constituents.  You can either support us having a healthy home to raise our family by voting yes for landlord licensing, or vote no and side with slumlords and allow the buildings we all live in to fall apart."
"If I were them I would choose wisely. You know why?  Because the whole City is watching."