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Posted on July 30, 2020

The Eviction Moratorium will be lifted on August 1st and it is estimated between 7-9% of tenants in Ontario weren’t able to pay rent during the pandemic. More than 6000 cases are with the Landlord Tenant Board Right Now!

Click here to send a letter to your MPP, Premier Ford, and the Attorney General. We need urgent actions: 

  • Immediately extend the moratorium on evictions to the end of the year.Create a rent forgiveness program for tenants at risk of eviction
  • Immediately repeal Bill 184 as it has a catastrophic impact on tenants, especially those most vulnerable.

Low and moderate-income renters were already in the grip of a serious housing crisis in Ontario before the pandemic. And Bill 184 makes evictions easier by allowing tenants to be evicted with no hearing if they sign repayment agreements.  

In March, Premier Ford said “If you’re down and out, and you just don’t have the money, food’s more important to put on the table than pay rent, then put the food on the table”. And now, he quickly passes a bill to fast track evictions!

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Some Facts:

  • Even before COVID-19, as per the Canadian Rental Housing Index, Ontario was already leading the country in terms of the number of renters spending half or more of their income on housing.
  • But what’s really worrying is the impact the pandemic has had and Bill 184 will have on tenants.
  • CIBC has estimated that 9% of Ontario renters were unable to pay their rent in May and April 2020.
  • Federation of Rental-housing Providers of Ontario data shows that 7% renters either paid part rent payment or none at all.
  • Toronto Foundation if just one in 20 ended up homeless, that would equate to 6,500 to 13,000 more people without a home, at a time when the shelter system is running at almost full capacity.
  • Worse still, the Doug Ford Government passed Bill 184 that makes fast tracks evictions. Tenants at risk of eviction may be forced to enter unfair repayment agreements and will be rendered homeless if they fail a payment.
  • CERB is phasing out by the end of August for people who started getting it in March, which will impact 34% private renter households. 

ACORN Canada members are demanding the government to take immediate measures so that homelessness crisis is averted on top of the existing health crisis. Eviction hearings will begin on August 1st for some tenants, and it has not been made transparent when all evictions hearings will start. 


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