Jane and Finch ACORN confronts another corporate landlord due to lack of heat

Posted February 19, 2015

Updated February 23, 2015

In preparation for Jane and Finch ACORN's action against Cherishome Living - owners of the high-rise at 100 York Gate Blvd - Heidi Gatto and George Hewett invited the CBC news crew out for a sneak preview.  Check it out!  
Click here to watch the video  (start watching at 6:17 mark)  
Heidi and George and other ACORN members in the building are leading an action against corporate slumlord Cherishome Living, the owners of the building.  Just another example of how ACORN members lead the way in proving to decision makers at Queens Park and City Hall that their landlord and tenant policies are failing miserably and leaving us in the cold.
On Saturday February 21st, ACORN members at 100 York Gate Blvd took to the streets to rally against the corporate slumlord Cherishome Living. The freezing temperatures inside the building combined with a complete lack of respect from management drove residents to take action and demand change. ACORN leaders Heidi Gatto and George Hewett spoke to the media about the problems in their units and how they are joining with ACORN members from across the community to fight for change.
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