Infamous Sahota clan issues mass eviction orders to all tenants of long disputed Surrey apartment building.

SurreyOver the Easter long weekend ACORN Canada has learned that all residents of Kwantlen Park Manor, a 31 unit apartment located at 12975 106th Ave in Surrey, have been served with eviction notices due to the health and safety risks posed by the ongoing mould and structural issues present in the building. This attempt to clear out Kwatlen Park Manor of its low income tenants is outrageous as the Sahota’s have been aware of these issues since 2005, when ACORN member Sue Collard raised concerns over them while she served as building manager of the beleaguered property.

The Sahotas' refusal to comply with a Residential Tenancy Branch order to make repairs to Kwantlen Park Manor, coupled with Ms. Collard and ACORN’s relentless “Healthy Homes” campaign, resulted in the RTB’s first ever Administrative Penalty in March of 2012. However, the penalty was conditionally lifted in October of last year with the stipulations that the landlords would complete all repairs, provide monthly reports to the RTB regarding the progress of repairs, and offer affected tenants a compensation package. ACORN found that ruling objectionable then and now, as it only served the landlord’s interests, did nothing to strengthen tenant’s rights, nor worked to preserve low income housing in BC.

These most recent evictions only further demonstrates the callous nature of the Sahotas and the enabling tendency of the RTB and Provincial government, which allows landlords such as the Sahotas to continue to act without any regard for their tenants.

ACORN Canada is calling on the Province to amend the Residential Tenancy Act to include (1) mandatory penalties for scoff law landlords (2) establish a regime of provincial inspectors to ensure the quality and the timely nature of repairs (3) strengthen protections for tenants against harassment for their efforts to gain needed reapirs.

To speak with ACORN Canada spokesperson Sue Collard or to get any further background on this story or ACORN’s “Healthy Homes Campaign” please contact: Scott Nunn – 604 500 2874 or

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