Hamilton ACORN

Hamilton ACORN has three chapters in Hamilton, Ontario - Mountain, Downtown & East End.
Please contact the Hamilton ACORN office for more info on upcoming chapter meetings and actions. 905-393-5734 / hamilton@acorncanada.org  //   
Local Campaigns:
Healthy Homes: Hamilton ACORN won a review of the city’s property standards bylaws in January 2020. During COVID19, ACORN Hamilton has been fighting for mandatory health and safety measures in apartments to protect tenants during the pandemic. 
Defend Our Homes: Hamilton ACORN is calling on the City of Hamilton to protect tenants from renoviction & substandard housing.
- 2020 Report, Defend Our Homes
Online actions:
Stop Renoviction in Hamilton (Send a message to the Mayor)


Hamilton Spectator: Hamilton’s rental crisis demands action from government

In late August, the Ford government announced it was drafting legislation that will freeze rents in many parts of Ontario for 2021. In many quarters this was seen as very good news, but the reality is it will do very little to help tenants in Hamilton, who are increasingly being squeezed out by out-of-control rent increases.