Hamilton ACORN

Hamilton ACORN has three chapters in Hamilton, Ontario - Mountain, Downtown & East End.
Please contact the Hamilton ACORN office for more info on upcoming chapter meetings and actions. 905-393-5734 / hamilton@acorncanada.org  //   
Local Campaigns:
Healthy Homes: Hamilton ACORN won a review of the city’s property standards bylaws in January 2020. During COVID19, ACORN Hamilton has been fighting for mandatory health and safety measures in apartments to protect tenants during the pandemic. 
Defend Our Homes: Hamilton ACORN is calling on the City of Hamilton to protect tenants from renoviction & substandard housing.
- 2020 Report, Defend Our Homes
Online actions:
Stop Renoviction in Hamilton (Send a message to the Mayor)


Hamilton Spectator: Hamilton ACORN calls for rent control amid skyrocketing housing market

Posted March 17, 2022

Members of ACORN gathered out front of 119 King St. W. downtown to encourage passersby to sign a petition calling for rent control in the face of spiralling rents in the city.

The group, a strong advocate for housing reform, called for rent control, a full rent freeze until 2024, an end to tenant displacement, and more funding for social housing.

The Bay Observer: Hamilton lacks a plan to deal with a worsening housing crisis

Posted March 15, 2022

Hamilton is lagging when it comes to inclusionary zoning according to participants in a virtual town hall that was staged by ACORN Hamilton, the Hamilton Community Benefits Network and Environment Hamilton this week. The town hall underlined the growing gap between gentrification pressures that will result from the LRT construction and the needs of a growing population facing housing insecurity.

CHCH: Tenant being sued by landlord in an ongoing dispute at a Hamilton mountain townhouse complex

Posted March 4, 2022

A tenant on the Hamilton mountain is being sued by her landlord in an ongoing dispute between their townhouse complex and its tenants.

Chantelle Pruner, and the people who live in the 13 other units in her townhouse complex, have been told they have to vacate their apartments by Monday.