Hamilton News: Acorn petition on east Mountain

Hamilton ACORN housing petition

Posted July 5, 2019

A tenants’ rights group is calling on east Mountain councillor Tom Jackson to support a resolution that calls for modifications to the city’s incentive grant programs to developers to ensure no city funds are used to support the permanent displacement of existing renters.
The motion by Ward 3 councillor Nrinder Nann goes to the general issues committee on Monday (July 8).
About a half dozen red-shirted Acorn members were at Upper Ottawa and Fennell Friday morning (July 5) asking the public to sign their petition and call Jackson’s office asking him to support the resolution.
The resolution calls for modifications to three Barton/Kenilworth grant programs along with the commercial corridor housing loan and grant program and the Hamilton tax increment grant program.
Acorn east Mountain leader Robert Tasker said tenant displacement is an issue across Hamilton, noting many tenants cannot afford the higher rents that come with apartment upgrades which he called “renovictions”.
Freda Torrisse was happy to sign the petition and leave a message with Jackson’s office.
“There’s too many tenants being put on the street,” she said. “All these uppity-ups say it shouldn’t happen in our city, well something about it, don’t talk about it.
Hamilton Community News has asked for a comment from Jackson.
Article by Mark Newman for Hamilton News



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