Hamilton ACORN wins next step towards city adopting renoviction strategy

Posted December 9, 2021

On December 9th ACORN members delegated to the Emergency and Community Services committee in support of the City of Hamilton hiring a consultant to move the city forward in implementing local renoviction policy based on legislation from New Westminster, British Columbia.



East Hamilton co-chair Elizabeth Ellis

Mountain member Doug Sporbeck

The staff recommendation passed unanimously at the committee and the report is expected back in the second quarter of 2022. 

This is the result of ACORN members organizing across the city to defend their homes and calling on the city to take action!

In August 2020, ACORN released our Defend Our Homes report which outlined ACORN’s platform to protect tenants from renoviction. 

  1. The City of Hamilton needs to implement strong local legislation based on anti-renoviction policy from New Westminster, British Columbia.
  2. The City of Hamilton needs to make further improvements to the Tenant Defence Fund 
  3. The City of Hamilton needs to create a robust proactive tenant education program to inform tenants of their rights when a building is sold and track reports of tenant displacement

Across the city low income tenants are being forced from their homes and Hamilton’s market affordable housing stock is being lost. Hamilton urgently needs policy in place to ensure tenant’s keep their affordable housing. 

Hamilton urgently needs policy in place to ensure tenants are protected from renoviction, demoviction and substandard housing conditions.

ACORN looks forward to working with the consultant, City Councillors and city staff to investigate and implement bold municipal legislation to protect the city’s market affordable housing stock from investment companies and predatory landlords who want to displace tenants to increase their profit. 

Read ACORN’s full municipal platform here 

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