Hamilton ACORN Releases Housing Platform and Makes Waves at City Hall

Hamilton ACORN

Posted December 7, 2018

Hamilton, Ontario - Hamilton ACORN released their Housing Platform yesterday at Hamilton City Hall. The platform and accompanying report lays out what the City of Hamilton needs to do to ensure affordable housing is preserved, and that tenants are ensured health and safety standards in their apartments. 
At a press conference, Downtown Hamilton Chair Mike Wood and Ward 5 leader Chantel Potter laid out the finer details of ACORN’s housing platform. This includes the city creating an anti-renoviction and displacement strategy, a city-wide registration program for landlords and a complete overhaul of the city's property standards bylaws. 
ACORN was joined by new Ward 3 Councillor Nrinder Nann who committed to making ACORN issues a priority in her first term on council. 
In other significant news, ACORN's Mike Wood announced that as Chair of Hamilton ACORN he is applying to sit on Hamilton's Rental Housing Sub-Committee to ensure that tenants have a real voice at City Hall.

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