Halifax ACORN takes on Notorious North Halifax Slumlord

Posted June 9, 2020

ACORN members and tenants at 88 Evans Ave. gathered today to fight back against Halifax slumlord Glenn Llewellyn. Tenants across three buildings are dealing with cockroaches, lack of hot water, and massive repairs, along with continued harassment and threats of eviction. 
“We’ve been living with cockroaches because Glenn refuses to pay for a professional exterminator. My neighbours are living with a hole in their wall from water damage that he refuses to fix. The heat doesn’t turn on until it’s freezing out, and for months the hot water wasn’t working. My daughter and I were boiling water just to wash our hair.” writes Halifax leader and 88 Evans Ave. tenant Krista Perry.
"When we complain the eviction threats start."
We had a dozen members and tenants outside the building with many more neighbours dropping by to show solidarity with the tenants! Krista Perry led a phone zap to call their landlord and read him our demands, and gathered signatures of support from tenants and neighbours. The landlord answered, refused to implement our demands, and reaffirmed that families with leases ending will be evicted - members made a plan to take further action in the coming days. Glenn Llewellyn may have just met his worst nightmare! 




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