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ACORN's first read on Budget 2019: Almost $23 billion in new spending, but low and moderate income Canadians underwhelmed

ACORN members, hoping for bold action to tackle the affordability crisis sweeping across many Canadian cities, were feeling underwhelmed as the federal government tabled Budget 2019, their last budget before the election in October. 

We are all affected - PSAC National Day of Action

Ottawa ACORN with PSAC at May Day 2012.Tomorrow, September 15, ACORN members in Ottawa and across the country will join the Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC) to send a clear message to the Harper government: your cut backs will affect us all. 

Thousands of government workers are being fired right now. Not only do our communities need good, well-paid jobs, we need badly need the services those workers provide. Cuts to food safety programs, cuts to programs for seniors, cuts to services that put unemployed Canadians back to work - these will affect us all. 

To find out more about the work that PSAC does, visit their website

If you can join ACORN members when they rally with the PSAC, contact the ACORN office nearest you. 

Ottawa Citizen: McGuinty freezes welfare

Government also reduces planned hike to child benefits as it tackles deficit.

The provincial government is scaling back a planned hike in child benefits and freezing social assistance, Premier Dalton McGuinty said Sunday, as Ontario grapples with a solution to its $16-billion deficit.

Rather than rising by $200 per year in July 2013, the child benefit will rise by $100. It will increase by the same amount one year later.

Provincial social assistance programs - which include Ontario Works and the Ontario Disability Support Program - will be frozen.

"We believe these are the right choices," McGuinty told reporters in Toronto.

The announcement comes just days before the government's seminal March 27th budget containing McGuinty's response to a growing financial crisis in the province.