Global News Toronto: City proposes guidelines for licensing landlords in Toronto

Posted May 11, 2016

After 12 years of fighting for Landlord Licensing, Toronto ACORN members are within months of a major victory on the Healthy Homes campaign. On Tuesday May 10th, the City of Toronto staff released a report looking at ways that landlord licensing could be set up in the city. Landlord licensing would make it the law that landlords have to do work orders on time or face real financial punishment from the city.
Landlords are raking in ridiculous profits while tenants are suffering. City politicians need to license landlords and make sure that everyone lives in a clean healthy home. ACORN members Justina Baah from Weston, and Kemba Robinson from Jane & Finch, showed why the city needs to move forward and license landlords to protect tenants across Toronto. 
ACORN members are going to be down at City Hall on the day there is a vote on Landlord Licensing, Thursday May 19th. We will be having a press conference immediately before the vote to let the City know we need licensing for landlords. We'll then be heading inside the committee room to show the city councillors how important this issue is. Check out the event here