Free Tax Prep Program Ensures Hard Earned Money Returned to Communities

ACORN Canada's office in New Westminster has become a hub of action for the 6th year in a row as we kick off our full time Free Income Tax Preparation Clinic.  

It's a packed house on a daily basis, which has helped us to complete over 500 returns in February alone!  In partnership with Van City Credit Union, ACORN Canada has volunteers waiting to do simple tax returns and help people save and redeem their hard earned money and credits.  

Since 2007 ACORN Canada has filed over 6000 returns for people in New Westminster, Surrey, Burnaby and beyond out of our office in New Westminster. That’s over $7 Million in tax returns, credits and benefits going back to communities where our members live, and over half a million dollars in direct tax prep cost savings, avoiding the high interest costs associated with corporate tax preparers. 

If that’s not enough to impress you, this will: 20% of returns have been back year taxes.  That means that our organizers are bringing families into the financial mainstream.  An estimated $1.4 million has gone to the 5% of people who live in our communities who would not have done their taxes without ACORN Canada's Free Income Tax Site.

Combine that with our financial justice campaigns, and financial literacy schools, and the ACORN Canada office in BC has become the one stop shop for people during tax time.

If you have a low income and want help filling your tax return, contact BC ACORN at 614-522-8707.

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