Ford Fightback: More Homes More Choice or No Homes No Choice!

Posted 13 September 2019
On 12th September, ACORN members and its allies marched across the province (Hamilton, Ottawa and Toronto) to demand Ford Stop dismantling the housing sector.
The Ford Government is claiming to provide more homes, more choice to the people of Ontario. However, all of the recent policy and legislative changes around housing are geared to increasing the profits of developers, with none to protect tenants or making housing more affordable for tenants.
To raise the issue and our demands related to affordable housing, ACORN members and allies got together and below is a glimpse of what we did:
Hamilton: Over a dozen Hamilton ACORN members and allies gathered this afternoon outside 119 King St W, a provincial government building, to call on the Doug Ford government to bring back strong inclusionary zoning. ACORN members petitioned and spoke with community members about the negative effects of excluding inclusionary zoning, such as unaffordable living and homelessness. To make sure our message was heard by the government, ACORN members delivered a demand letter to the Landlord and Tenant Board, which will be given to Minister Steve Clark.
Ottawa: ACORN members gathered outside of Ottawa-West Nepean's Conservative MPP Jeremy Roberts' office to demand "housing for the people!" A dozen ACORN members were joined by allies from OCETFO (The Ottawa-Carleton Elementary Teachers' Federation) and the Power of Many and everyone unequivocally held that that Ford's Bill 108 in fact offered Ontarians NO homes and NO choice! ACORN member from the riding, Mavis Finnamore, led the delivery of a letter to Roberts' staff. demanding a meeting with the MPP to talk about how his governments' housing policies were impacting low income tenants.
Toronto: Thirty-nine ACORN members and allies from across Toronto came out to demand Housing for the People and call out Doug Ford's failure on the issue. There was a rally at the corner of Bay & College, close to the Ministry of Housing with speeches from Alejandra Ruiz Vargas and Tomeko Martin about the need for real rent control, strong inclusionary zoning and investment in repairing social housing followed by a march into the Ministry. Our stealth advance team of 5 members was stopped by security but when the larger group of ACORN members arrived and began chants of 'Steve Clark, come', our leaders negotiated sending up a delegate to deliver a letter to Minister Steve Clark demanding a meeting to discuss ACORN's Provincial housing campaign.



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