A First-Step Victory at 100 York Gate Blvd!

Posted February 9, 2015

Jane and Finch ACORN members are emboldened by their recent victory in 100 York Gate Blvd, where the landlord Cherishome Living has bowed to intense community pressure to turn the heat back on after an ongoing lack of heat in the building, thought to be caused by either landlord neglect or mischief.

ACORN members are carrying on the fight for decent insulation in their homes, which are at present separated from the elements by aging, single-paned windows. As rents continue to skyrocket to extraordinary levels, and landlords lack basic respect for their tenants, Jane and Finch ACORN members say "enough is enough!"

Members have renewed strength and determination in their fight for healthy homes after this most recent victory and will be continuing the fight at 100 York Gate Blvd on Saturday February 21st at 11:00 am.

Join us for Healthy Homes!