Field Organizer (BC ACORN)

Posted February 1, 2019
New Westminster, BC (Metro Vancouver)
Job Summary: 
ACORN Canada is hiring a full-time Field Organizers at our BC ACORN office. 
This includes leading communications, campaign development, external relations, and our field organizing program for the provincial organization.
Applicants must be interested in fighting for social and economic justice in Canada.
Training will take place in Toronto for 4 to 8 weeks.
What is ACORN?
ACORN Canada is a membership organization of low and moderate income member people that organize the unorganized around the promise that they will be able fight on issues important to them. We organize fights for living wages, affordable housing, and quality childcare, as well as organizing resistance to regressive government policies and predatory corporate practices.
Low-to-moderate income people need power in order to solve the most pressing problems facing the world today. We believe the best way to build that power is through organizing a mass membership-based organization that they own and run.
ACORN organizers build local organizations in low and moderate-income communities. How?
House by house, family by family, organizers hear from community residents what they want changed in their neighborhood, city, province, and country. Organizers work with community residents to hold meetings, conduct research on key issues, develop campaign strategies, and organize actions, all to address these issues. The ACORN organizer's job is to work for the membership of ACORN, helping build the power we need to win!
Job description:
Learn the role of an ACORN Field Organizer - this includes door-to-door contact with people discussing issues that affect them, getting people involved in the organization, and working with them to develop strategic campaigns. Once trained on the basics, you will be helping to manage BC ACORN’s local and provincial campaigns, and running our outreach and fundraising programs in Metro Vancouver.
Responsibilities and Duties
● 42.5 hours per week - working in afternoons and evenings.
● The successful applicant will be trained in ACORN’s organizing model in Toronto (travel and housing costs included) for 1 to 2 months.
● You will be doing and training people on direct door knocking and other outreach techniques, mainly in low-to-moderate neighbourhoods
● Fundraising and asking for money is a fundamental part of an organizer’s job. We are structured like a union: ACORN members pay membership dues.
● Willing and able to travel to trainings, and staff meetings (some outside Canada).
● Dealing with multiple tasks in the same day
● Representing the organization in the neighbourhoods, as well as with our leadership at external meetings or events (allies or targets).
● Take BC ACORN to the next level - giving working people a powerful voice in Victoria and beyond.
Qualifications and Skills
● Have strong social and people skills.
● Be willing to work in a team setting that you are sometimes leading, and sometimes following.
● Opportunity to identify hot issues, develop leaders, organize meetings, rallies, protests, press conferences, marches, and run campaigns
● No paid experience required; professional organizer training provided
● Base compensation is negotiable between $34,000 to $40,000 annually, dependent on experience.
● Health benefits and RRSP retirement program included after 3 months.
To Apply: Email resume and cover letter to: