Etobicoke ACORN Members Speak Up About Condo Corruption!

Posted July 29, 2019

15 Etobicoke ACORN members rallied outside 2645 Kipling Ave on Saturday for a speak out against condo corruption!
Residents are fed up with the lack of accountability and NO respect from their property manager and condo board. Etobicoke ACORN member and condo owner in 2645 Kipling, Darshini Benipersaud, led a CityTV news reporter through the building and showed the damage inside. Residents are living with mould, roaches, sewage leaking from the ceiling, and constant flooding of their basement.
Members also came out to show support for Etobicoke leader Peter D'Gama after he was arrested for organizing against 2645 Kipling's corrupt property manager. ACORN members aren't intimidated by lousy scare tactics from management. Thanks to those who came out.
ACORN is calling for continuing Provincial reform to protect condo owners and residents!



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