EAST York ACORN members take action against CAPREIT and get results

Posted October 19, 2016

ACORN members at 75 Eastdale Ave had a productive action meeting yesterday with representatives from CAPREIT to discuss how repairs and the heating system can be repaired in the building. 
After calling the action at a recent tenant meeting in the building, the ACORN members did what ACORN members do - they handed out action flyers to every door in the building and called the action.  
Immediately after seeing the flyers about the action, CAPREIT called the ACORN office asking for a meeting.  ACORN members decided to do both! 
With 30 people waiting in the lobby with signs, a newspaper reporter, and a representative from local councillor (and long time ACORN ally) Janet Davis, four ACORN leaders negotiated with CAPREIT representatives.  After 40 minutes ACORN leaders from 75 Eastdale Ave emerged with a signed agreement with CAPREIT that included a timeline and commitment that repairs and heat would be fixed!