Does $500,000 in donations to Ontario Political Parties buy Pro-Landlord Legislation?

Posted April 21, 2016

It seems that $500,000 can buy a lot from current Liberal Government in Ontario.
ACORN has revealed that FRPO (Federation of Rental-Housing Providers of Ontario), and the corporate landlords that are behind FRPO, have given over $500,000 to politicians in Ontario since 2013 - see the document below.   
This includes $20,000 to each of the Leadership Candidates for the Ontario Liberals and Progressive Conservatives, and $63,605 to the Liberals' by-election campaigns in 2014 alone. 
To make matters more disturbing, FRPO has managed to grease the wheels of power enough that the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing is using the pretext of the Long Term Affordable Housing Strategy to make pro-landlord reforms to the Residential Tenancy Act. 
The proposed changes would make it easier for large corporate landlords like Wynn and Timbercreek to evict tenants, and also make it harder for tenants to mount defences at hearings at the Landlord and Tenant Board.   
The consultation document on the proposed changes says that the reforms are designed to help small landlords create affordable housing, yet ministry staff admit that the new rules will also apply to the large corporate landlords that make up FRPO's executive board
This is a bad case of big money in politics. It also shows the Liberal Government making light of the affordable housing crisis that exists in Ontario. 
ACORN is demanding that the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing stop with the proposed legislation.  It has nothing to do with building affordable housing and everything to do with helping their corporate landlord friends on Bay Street. 
CBC News: FRPO political contributions (video)