Toronto ACORN holds city-wide Healthy Homes rally; CTV News video coverage!

Posted April 7, 2014

Toronto ACORN held a lively city-wide rally in support of our Healthy Homes Campaign on Saturday.  ACORN is gearing up for two elections, making it known that we will be voting for candidates that support our Healthy Homes campaigns.
When it was all done over 60 ACORN members from across Toronto came out in support of our new campaign.   
Provincially ACORN is asking for a policy review of the outdated and pro-landord Residential Tenancy Act.  Lack of real rent control, a burdensome and ineffective Landlord Tenant Board, among other things, are on ACORN's radar as must-do reforms.
Municipally ACORN is gearing up for a wild ride through to the October municipal election.   ACORN members will be pounding the pavement all spring, summer, and into the fall, making it known the current system of enforcement of property standards in apartment buildings is beyond flawed - it is completely ineffective in guaranteeing tenants in the city a healthy and safe home. 
Enough is enough.  ACORN members are standing up and fighting anyone who stands between them and a Healthy Home!
Here is a great news piece from CTV news on the rally: 

Click here to watch the video



Source: CTV Toronto