CTV Atlantic: Protesters take minimum wage fight to Halifax McDonald's

Posted July 17, 2015

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A group protesting Nova Scotia’s minimum wage took their fight to a McDonald’s restaurant in Halifax Wednesday morning.
The Nova Scotia Fair Wage Coalition held an information picket outside the Quinpool Road location.
The group says there is a need for a higher minimum wage in the province and that $15 an hour would be a reasonable number.
Representatives say corporations like McDonald’s are making record profits while fast-food workers in Nova Scotia are struggling to get by.
“It’s important for the workers to feel better about themselves,” says Darryl King. “Minimum wage is $10.60 right now but I think we deserve and they deserve a bigger wage and to reinvest back in the economy. That’s what we’re striving for.”
A recent report from the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives indicated that workers would have to make $20.10 an hour to afford the essentials.
Article source: CTV Atlantic