Statement of Solidarity with the #Occupy Movement

ACORN Canada supports the thousands of Canadians who have taken to the streets in recent weeks to protest income inequality, corporate greed and a broken economic system. Inspired by #OccupyWallStreet, the movement that began less than two months ago in downtown Manhattan, and has now spread to over 1000 cities in 100+ countries.

This movement is exposing the underlying unfairness of an economic system that has left a tiny elite with a disproportionate amount of wealth while hardworking Canadians struggle to make ends meet.

The 35,000+ members of ACORN Canada have a message for these brave citizens camped out in parks and public spaces across Canada today: we've got your back, we support your calls for a fairer Canada and we'll always be a friend to the #occupy movement.

Reasons to support the #occupy movement in Canada (Source: CCPA):

-Canada's richest 1% have doubled their income share between 1970 and 2007.

-$6.6 million a year is the average compensation for Canada's 100 best paid CEOs.

-1 in 10 Canadians live in poverty including 1 in 4 aboriginal children.

Corporate Canada has continually opposed investments in public services, job creation strategies and new regulations that would have helped Canadian families rise from poverty. In recent years corporate Canada has fought against improvements to the Canadian Pension Plan, Employment Insurance, municipal living wage policies, provincial minimum wage increases, not to mention regulations on payday loans & remittances - all while receiving record tax breaks.

The #Occupy movement is the manifestation of a very real frustration among hard working Canadians. We understand this frustration and welcome this movement to the struggle for a Canada where every Canadian has their voice heard and their power felt.