ACORN Celebrates $55K Victory in Herongate; Gives Thanks to Volunteers!

A meeting of ACORN members in HerongateOttawa ACORN members in the Herongate neighborhood have made major progress in their campaign for liveable housing. Dozens of members, working with lawyers, law students and professors they have forced their landlord to spend over $55,000 on necessary repairs. Other tenants have reached financial settlements due to years of neglect - these total more than $20,000. 

Without the incredible dedication and solidarity of all the volunteers involved, this would not have been possible. George Brown supervised the project. Derek Schroeder, Oriana Pollitt, Eric Girard, Daniel Tucker-Simmons, Miriam Martin, Sabrina Seibel, Iman Amin, and Mike Currie put in hundreds of hours of work. Professors David Wiseman and Suzanne Bouclin helped initiate the project, and are now working to plan next steps. ACORN members are very grateful to them all.

Ottawa ACORN will hold a press event to announce the next steps of this project on Tuesday, October 2nd at noon. It will take place at 1480 Heron Rd